May 18, 2022

What You Should Be Doing on Moving Day


Moving day has at last come to fruition! You’ve spent a great deal of time getting ready for this time, and if you spent the time to select a top-tier relocation company, today should be a pleasant experience. The movers will handle all the heavy lifting from here.

On moving day it’s finally time to finish coordinating and start carrying out. In case you have skipped any of the previous parts of this collection, you can catch up by choosing the links below:

Watch out for your stuff - and yourself!

It is very worthwhile to get a great night’s sleep the evening before load day —and make time to eat a significant breakfast. It is going to be a eventful day, and you will just feel better throughout the day if you are well rested and well fed. You’ll be pleased you did!

On moving day, it is imperative to be available during the process. When your movers arrive, provide them a brief tour of your house, pointing out any extra-fragile objects requiring extra attention in addition to any objects you don’t want the crew to take. This will allow them to get a feel for the space and your expectations.

We propose having a good book or magazine chosen for load day. It’s important for you to be available throughout the day in the event any of the crew members have questions, but as soon as the movers get started you’ll have some free time on your hands. Since your TV and electronics will all be boxed away, you will want to make sure you have items to keep you occupied.

Attention to detail

After the walk through, the movers will initiate laying down flooring protection. If you are transferring interstate, your crew chief will begin constructing a thorough inventory list of each piece you are moving, and their state at origin. This inventory will be used to ensure everything shows up at your new place in the same quality as it left your current house.

When the crew members are completed, it is imperative to walk through the home one last time with the crew leader and verify that everything has been loaded. Make sure to peak in all the closets, cabinets, and storage areas for any unnoticed belongings. As soon as each piece is taken from of the home, you’ll discuss with the driver and sign all of the move paperwork.

One last review

After the crew members take off, complete your load day by going through your house one last time to make sure that the windows are all secured, the lights are all turned off, and your water and furnace are shut off. Say your farewells to your space – it supported you well, but you have a new house waiting for you!