Pittsburgh Moving Project Management

When you need to move a workspace or commercial space, there are many of things to account for than merely moving the items inside. That’s where Corrigan Moving’s experienced Project Management team takes charge. Because we have been relocating offices, commercial spaces, and labs, we’re qualified to plan for all the unsuspecting details in addition to simply moving. Our committed Project Management team will own every detail of your relocation – shoulder to shoulder through every step. Our team is devoted to guiding you through an efficient, on-budget completion. Our knowledge allows us to reduce stoppages and provide actual cost savings to your organization.

Whether faced with a headquarter workplace relocation, building construction, industrial or a different kind of business project, you will feel comfort in knowing that Corrigan Moving has a community of over 450 skilled service providers and the project management capabilities to assist you from start to finish. Corrigan Moving is a seasoned moving and storage company with over 90 years of experience in logistics and office moves. With a professional project management Pittsburgh team, we make sure that businesses with a future complex relocation enjoy the help they require. Call us today and ensure that your move is starting on the right foot.

Relocation Planning & Design

Our Project Management team will develop a detailed, customized strategy that meets the personalized needs asserted by your business’s broader business strategy. We detail every step, meticulously reporting any potential difficulties and thinking through each possible contingency.

Warranted On-Time Delivery

We guarantee on-time project execution for all our in-house service offerings and the services of our contracted vendors. Our guarantee is based on key deliverables developed by both parties. Corrigan Moving will ensure these deliverables in writing and establish monetary compensation for any deficits - a true commitment to relocation excellence!

Real Time Project Reporting

Our industry leading project management process gives regular reporting and budget calculations throughout the life of your relocation. All of these details will be sent directly to key members of your business’s move team.

Cost Projection Planning & Management

Feel confident knowing that our qualified project managers work with you and your financial department to create a relocation budget that maximizes your business’s return. Corrigan Moving will constantly reference your move budget until the project close and closing billing.

Office & Asset Decommissioning

After you’ve vacated your office or mechanical space, our renewal and decommissioning solutions are at your disposal to assist with any last-minute tenant commitments. We are able to handle space cleaning, liquidation, recycling, and more.

Our project management Pittsburgh team will ensure your move is productive and on-budget

No matter if you are dealing with a big workplace or industrial move, you will significantly benefit from partnering with Corrigan Moving. Our Pittsburgh project management team has successfully assisted businesses that have presented us with moves of different types. We create for each client a custom plan of action. Because each project will expose new challenges, we decide to approach it from a customized standpoint.

Our project management team in Pittsburgh will begin by inspecting all the details of your move. Following the assessment of your expectations, we will sit down and create a tailored blueprint. Our plan will cover each aspect of your future project and each phase will be detailed. With a thorough scope of work, we make sure to eliminate any and all chances for miscommunication. Each member of the team will know what their part of the job is, and they will have a strict timeline. Corrigan Moving is an organization that values your busy schedule. When we provide you a quote of when we plan to complete a project, you can rest assured that we will meet it.

Enjoy a simple and streamlined project with our Pittsburgh team

As of right now, the idea of safely relocating an entire industry space or workplace might seem insurmountable. However, as soon as you call Corrigan Moving, you will be able to take a sigh of relief. Our project management Pittsburgh team can handle the job that's in front of you. From crafting a blueprint, to executing it flawlessly, you’ll be able to count on us. Our project management team is here for any event and relocation types, so don't wait to get a free quote.

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