Pittsburgh Custom Crating

When thinking through your relocation, there are probably a few particular pieces that are your utmost concern. These are usually fragile and uniquely shaped. They may be of extraordinary value or of particularly high emotional value. That’s when you custom wooden crates to protect those meaningful items.

At Corrigan Moving, we aim to gain value from the 93 years of know-how we have in the moving and shipping industry in order to see to it that your items arrive at their new home safe and sound. Contact us for a free quote and allow us to identify the pricing for your upcoming move.


Customized crating services to ensure most safety for your belongings

It’s likely that you have at least a few items that will require crating services. For all items to be delivered damage-free at their new home, they need to be packaged in sturdy containers. If your possessions require additional protection, customized crating services are a must. This give us the ability to treat the extremely fragile and irregular pieces individually, so they will have a crate built exactly to their specifications.

At Corrigan Moving, we offer customized crating solutions for your most valuable pieces. Our crates are crafted to the exact shape and the size of the piece, providing it secure relocation to the new home. While it is not possible to promise the 100% security of your pieces as there are some factors outside our control that can happen to your shipment, we can promise that your items will be as safe as possible when transported in our custom-made crates. It is our duty to limit the risks associated with moving your household goods.


Our crates are also beneficial when storing your items

If you are needing to place your special pieces into storage in Pittsburgh, then there are two steps to remember: One, you should pick the perfect type of storage for yourself; and, two, you need to make sure that your belongings are suitably packed. That is where our customized crating services come in, as their use is to provide special protection for your household goods. When packaged in our crates, your sculptures and uniquely-shaped possessions will continue to be safe till you choose to remove them from storage.


Custom crating solutions save time and cost

It's easy to think of custom crating services as a great cost. What people fail to realize is that these solutions are really  a cost-effective service in the long run. First, custom-made crates are constructed for belongings of extraordinary value. If you must move unique pieces, it is ideal to invest in their safety. Often your possessions are invaluable, and damaging them would result in a big financial cost. With custom-made crating services, you will not have to be concerned about the unpredictable impacts of moving.

Moreover, customized crates are long-lasting and can be used many times. They typically pay for themselves in several ways. With how much they provide, it's safe to say that custom-made crating should become an indispensable part of any transportation process.

In addition to saving you money, custom crates save you time, too. You will be provided with a 100% tailored solution for your unique belongings. You will not have to spend your time thinking about the best packaging in which to ship your household goods from origin to destination.

Easily request a no-cost moving quote from our company and allow us to help you through the process. Corrigan Moving is a respected and celebrated moving professional] with 90+ years of experience. Providing you with a guaranteed moving estimate is our duty.


Corrigan Moving offers you plenty of assistance during your move

Beginning in 1929, we have been dedicated to providing the residents of Pittsburgh with high-quality moving services. To help you circumvent some of the most typical moving-day issues, we offer a variety of moving services. And while we are your top-rated crating company in Pittsburgh, we also offer these specialized moving services:

As full-service movers, we provide all the resources necessary for meeting your expectations. You are free to opt for the services you decide are essential for your prospective project. We are here to provide prompt and valuable offerings.


Begin your relocation with the assurance that your most sentimental belongings will be protected

After you call us, you will have full access to our custom-made crating solutions that keep your possessions safe. Feel free to call and request a free moving quote. Our specialists will determine the exact cost of your crating. With our custom-made crating services, your belongings get to enjoy full safety.


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