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Relocating is frequently thought to be one of the most challenging life experiences. What can make it simpler, though, is not having to stress about the actual moving part. And that is precisely what Corrigan Moving provides. With over 90 years-worth of learned skills and the best movers Aliquippa has available, we will offer you a desirable break from the moving steps. Contact us today and help us make your move simple and enjoyable.

90+ years of experience – available to you

Contrary to popular opinion, moving does not need to be stressful. First, it can be a complex undertaking. There are many chores to complete, many of which can be extremely taxing. Second, time is always in deficit. This ongoing tension makes even the most straightforward item exhausting. Lastly, moving doesn’t leave room for oversights. The smallest mistake can escalate quickly and be a much larger challenge. Still, all the pain of moving begin with the same root cause: expertise. Or, to be more accurate, the lack of it. Thankfully, addressing this challenge is exceptionally simple.

For Corrigan Moving, experience is something that came naturally. Our organization started in 1929. Therefore we have more than 90 years in the moving industry. Over this time, our family business serviced tens-of-thousands of moves. Our offerings grew over the years, and so did our know-how and skills. We passed them down to every new generation of movers. That’s why today, we are the most desirable moving companies servicing Aliquippa.


What makes Corrigan Moving the best mover Aliquippa has?

One point-of-contact

You will be paired with a professional move coordinator to be sure everything happens as expected. She will also keep you up to date on the ongoing stage of the process. This coordinator will be there for you at the very start. As soon as you say “go!” to Corrigan Moving, you’ll be paired with a move coordinator. She will help make sure you are set for move day. She will walk you through the move process and what you should plan for. You will be prepared with the important resources, too.

Through your move, if you have any questions or concerns, your move coordinator is just a call or text away. She will make herself available to ensure everything runs seamlessly and you are notified at every step.


Hiring and instructing the best

Every member of our staff is a real professional. They're fully invested in crafting a straightforward moving experience. Corrigan Moving focuses on employing skilled and caring employees, so each interaction is a positive one. Then we background check each staff who enters your home or business to make sure they’re responsible.

Once we hire them, we don’t accept permitting new employees learn on the go. We created a complete training suite so they participate in hands-on training before going to your home or business.


Adaptable Services

Our solutions are flexible. We customize them to match your requirements so you can have a custom-made moving plan will be sure everything is successful. We understand that all relocations are unique and it’s not possible to use a general policy. That’s the reason every one of our move plans – household goods moves and commercial moves – are designed to match your unique expectations.

As a member of the United cooperative, Corrigan Moving is part of a partnership of the top moving companies countrywide. We can help you move anywhere in the nation or the world. We approach every move the same - with reliability and care:


Moving services in Aliquippa

The expertise that we learned from years of service is an indispensable asset in any endeavor. But in moving – it’s key. Experience itself can resolve the most unexpected moving issues. Moreover, it can avoid issues before they become a challenge. Skills developed through thousands of moves can accelerate the full process. They can make it safer and more productive. Lastly, having an experienced team of Aliquippa movers means you have someone to rely upon. It means you'll have counsel and security, all the way.


Home moving services:

Home moves are one of our fortes. Our residential movers in Aliquippa can help you move to a nearby neighborhood, or to anywhere worldwide. You can take advantage of our full-service move or enlist our assistance with some heavy lifting. Either way, you can count on a smooth relocation that matches your expectations.


Commercial mover in Aliquippa:

As the preferred mover for lots of local businesses and universities, Corrigan Moving has know-how with commercial moving. We know that the efficiency and safety of your move is essential. Our goal is to always reduce downtime for our clients, so your employees can be back to work as immediately as they can.


Moving can be an enjoyable event with the best team by your side

With Corrigan Moving, your move can be seamless and effortless. It can be simple and breezy. A refreshing experience you can enjoy every hour of - just as it should be. Contact us now and be sure you have the best movers Aliquippa has available. Pick reliability, convenience, and expertise of the ages. Because you deserve a perfect relocation.

Regardless of where you are now, or where you are moving, Corrigan Moving’s Great Lakes locations will take you wherever you want to move across the globe.

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