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Undergoing a relocation is a unforgettable experience. If you are moving to the next block or to another state, there’s a lot of affairs to consider. Historically, relocations are thought to be stressful and quite difficult events. They do not need to be providing you have the best moving team by your side. At Corrigan, Mount Lebanon, we have a lot of pride in moving people and our capability to deliver seamless, worry-free moves for you. When it comes to movers in Mount Lebanon, you will be lucky to find a mover that is able to rival our knowledge and experience. When you are looking to make your relocation as smooth as it can possibly be, all you must really do is contact Corrigan Moving of Mount Lebanon today!

Who are we?

Corrigan Moving was formed all the way back in 1929. We are closing into 90 years of quality service. What formed as a small operation from a garage and a few ice-delivery trucks amid the Great Depression has grown into is the best moving company in Pennsylvania. We’ve developed our expertise throughout time and have attained the required equipment to perform almost any moving request. Whether you need to move bulky machines internationally or relocate your home or office, you can trust Corrigan Mount Lebanon to handle the task completely as agreed to.

For over 90 years, we’ve been committed to always doing the right thing by our customers, despite anything else. This is evident in all the good customer satisfaction surveys we have obtained throughout time. Our founder, Frank "the Chief" Corrigan, believed that the company had to play a compelling part in the enhancement of our local community. This approach is continued by the Corrigan family, imparting outstanding moving services and participating in charity projects.


Our team of movers

Corrigan Moving's employee selection path is quite stringent. We train our people to the loftiest moving and storage industry standards. We virtually decide the standard, to be honest, modest. Our policy is in no way to employ "on-the-job-training", which is never a good idea from a customer perspective. We teach our moving teams in-house, at our training facilities in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Our crews are taught how to accurately pack, how to move oversized items without any difficulties, in addition to many more useful moving techniques. Our training process is not finished until the trainee is completely up to our elite standards.

The principle element of why we are so particular is that we believe moving to be an art. That said our professionally trained movers have all the important skills and knowledge before arriving at your home. While this is certainly not the most cost-efficient way of doing business, it is the only way of doing things right by our customers. At Corrigan Moving, we remain committed to delivering the most benefit to our clients.

But technique and coaching can only get you so far. Our moving team is also compassionate. They appreciate your belongings like they were their own and will ensure that they are delivered undamaged and on-time. The Chief's code is very simple, after all. Always do the right thing.


Moving services Mount Lebanon knows and trusts

If planning a move, you will want access to an assortment of moving options. That means that you need to partner with a mover that can provide a moving service for any endeavor. At Corrigan Moving, we divide our business lines into household goods moving and business solutions. Here's what we have to offer:


Household Goods Moving Services

  • Local moving - If you are looking to relocate within Mount Lebanon or in the surrounding area, our local moving services are there to equip you with the preferred mix of quality and competitive pricing.
  • Long-distance moving – Our collection of services includes helping with building and customizing an incomparable moving plan, in addition to optimizing your moving budget.
  • International moving – Allow our team to provide you with all the details you desire in regards to international moving, no research is necessary on your behalf. Of course, we will also facilitate the safe and timely delivery of your belongings.
  • Automobile shipping - We offer a fleet of built-in lift gate trailers, operated by specially trained drivers. We will get your wheels safely to a new location, without any incidents.
  • Storage services – When you are wanting complete protection for your belongings while you're away, you should consider storing them in our secured storage facility.


Business and Commercial Moving Solutions

  • Office relocation - We approach office relocations with extreme care, speed, and preparation. Expect your work suspension to be minimized when working with Corrigan Moving of Mount Lebanon.
  • Employee relocation - Our proficiency in moving will allow your transferees to concentrate on their day-to-day tasks while we take care of all the moving needs.
  • Military moving - Corrigan Moving's GSA Quality Management Team will handle all government transfers with strict discretion, along with the highest degree of professionalism and nobility.
  • Logistics - Our award-winning logistics services will have significant impact when handling complex logistics assignments.
  • Library moving - Corrigan Moving Pittsburgh has thorough knowledge with relocating books and equipment. Our moving team will keep everything orderly from beginning to end, eliminating any additional work from being created.
  • Medical Centers and Laboratories – Our team provides an understanding for moving any medical equipment such as dialysis machines, MRI machines, freezers along with other related equipment.
  • Warehousing and Distribution – We have a proprietary web-based warehouse management system available to our clients. This online tool can be personalized to fulfill the requirements of any partner and provide them with required product insight.

Get in touch with us!

As you are aware, when it comes to moving and storage companies Mount Lebanon has to offer, your #1 choice is Corrigan Moving of Mount Lebanon. We might not always be the cheapest moving company on the market, at the same time we do deliver the highest value for your money. Contact us for a free moving quote now and see for yourself what makes Corrigan Moving the best moving company in Mount Lebanon!

Regardless of where you are now, or where you are moving, Corrigan Moving’s Great Lakes locations will take you wherever you want to move across the globe.

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