Customs Compliance Support

When looking forward to an overseas relocation, it is quite exciting. And, it can be overwhelming, also. Know that when selecting Corrigan Moving as your international moving company, you’re choosing to have a ally throughout every stage of the move. Our decades of international moving expertise provides you the certainty to move forward knowing that your items will be handled carefully on this global journey.

We began moving individuals in 1929. Over the years, we have expanded our service options and have assisted countless neighbors and individuals move internationally. Regardless if this is your very first international move, or if you are an expert globetrotter, Corrigan will help you through every stage to ensure you know what to expect with the process and assured that your possessions will clear customs and arrive at your new home safely.

One-point of contact, Global Relocation Specialist

Crucial to the success of your relocation is your single contact with Corrigan. You will be teamed up with a Global Relocation Specialist. This individual has extensive experience assisting families like yours in relocating abroad. They are well versed in the complicated customs and immigration processes in each unique country and will make sure you are confident for what lies ahead. You will be confident knowing that your shipment and documents will be handled correctly, so your delivery can happen as soon as possible.

We offer complete customs clearance support

During your relocation process, your Global Relocation Specialist will ensure that your shipment meets all the regulations to have clearance through customs. In the possible event that a visual examination is required by customs, your GRS will continue to communicate with you, so you know what to anticipate at each stage. We are able to decrease how many of our transfers that must have a visual check at customs by ensuring that the relocation process and each of the documents meet their regulations.


Starts with the inventory – what you can take and what is not allowed

Seamless and quick international moves begin with a thorough in-home or virtual home survey. During this process, our international moving professionals will view each item in your home that is relocating. They will build an inventory of all segments of your relocation – air shipment, sea shipment, and storage. This will be the starting point to start dialogue with your Global Relocation Specialist about what items you want to be in each shipment. In addition, you will be informed of the unique regulations for the destination you are relocating to. Each country has exclusive and distinctive regulations for what items you’re or are not authorized to move into the country. Knowing this information initially means you’ll be organized ahead of move day.

When packing and loading, the movers will fill out all the necessary inventory paperwork and carefully prepare everything

The subsequent phase of ensuring your documentation is accurate and complete happens on pack day and move day. Your crew will be specifically trained regarding the special document requirements for international relocations. They will make sure that the inventory is accurate. One main component of this is that our crews are required to pack or visually confirm every box in the shipment. This allows us to verify that nothing is going to be moved that is not permitted into your destination. It also allows us the time to accurately detail every item on your inventory – a required component of following through on customs regulations.

Global Relocation Specialist will ensure everything is ready to go to limit delays

Your Global Relocation Specialist will make sure all the paperwork is correct and complete. From there, they will talk with you about the timing of both your air and sea shipments. Customs delays will be reduced because Corrigan Moving is committed to being sure your move is ready to go.

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