Workplace Technology

Commercial technology moving isn’t something that you can assign to just any mover. You need a moving company with knowledge in moving sensitive equipment. Corrigan Moving, located in Pittsburgh, has been in the business for over 90 years and is now known as one of the best moving companies when it comes to relocating offices large or small.

Our team of specialists will offer you a very safe and productive relocation experience, enabling you to get back to your business operations in the shortest time possible.

A moving company that always does the right thing – Corrigan Moving

Ever since our company was founded, we’ve been guided by a seemingly simple truth: To always do the right thing! This was the original mission of our founder, Frank The Chief Corrigan, and the business upholds them even now. Regardless of the move size or industry, our moving team is devoted to doing the right thing for our customers. When it comes to office technology moving, it is seen as being sure that your technology receives full protection and is relocated efficiently.


Best trained moving specialists in the business

The reason why we have confidence comes from thorough education and experience. When you hire Corrigan Moving, you are selecting a "well-oiled moving machine". We’re not your average moving company, we’re Corrigan Moving. Our name represents our breadth of knowledge and expertise. Over the years, we have executed numerous moves that have access to sensitive and fragile servers and computers. Besides moving offices, our professionals will assist with moving healthcare centers and laboratories. Our staff of specialists will ensure that all your technology equipment is hooked up and properly working in the fastest time period possible.


Workplace technology relocation services

We deliver workplace technology moving for a broad range of industries which include:

As you can see, we are qualified to offer just about all moving that includes the shipping of technology equipment. If you are organizing a commercial move and need someone to take care of your sensitive electronic equipment, you can’t find a more experienced mover in Pittsburgh than Corrigan Moving.


Computer disconnect/reconnect solutions

A large workplace move may involve moving hundreds of staff in one day. While your IT department may be able to handle all the disconnects and reconnects by themselves, the fact is that their hands might be full with additional tasks. Our technicians can help make the move more efficient by moving many workstations in justone day. All your computers and peripherals will be precisely cataloged and handled with care before we ship them to the new space. This will guarantee that your staff is able to be productive the following day. Our staff of professionals will help you plan the move, being sure that your business has minimized downtime.

Our team will provide you with these solutions:

  • Desktop disconnection/reconnection
  • Installation of monitor arms and other components
  • Installation of systems furniture
  • Relocation of data centers
  • Desk wire management

Our expertise allows us to take care of every necessary task in record time. With Corrigan Moving you will spend less time moving and more time working. You’ll be able to improve your move experience by working with some of the best workplace relocation project managers in the nation. Our planning staff will create a unique and tailored moving blueprint, one that promises a swift, secure, and straightforward move.


Server and computer moving solutions

No matter your workplace is small, you may still have many computer stations that you need to relocate. You may have IP phones, printer stations, and varied pieces of technology, all of which require sensitive and skilled handling. You will additionally require specialized crating and skidding for some things. After you hire Corrigan Moving for your relocation, you will not need to be concerned about your move. We will take care of every step for you and get your business operational as quick as a blink!

Our team can assist you with server and computer moving and staging, receiving and shipping, crating and uncrating, installation and removal, rack setup and installation, and network cabling. Essentially, we can make everything a lot more straightforward for your staff. Our services are available to help your IT department so your team will get back at it.


Other commercial moving solutions that you can expect from Corrigan Moving

When relocating a workplace, you’ll always have additional needs beyond moving the technology. Corrigan Moving has the knowledge to assist with all your moving needs. We will handle your whole move, so every stages are managed swiftly and efficiency.

Therefore, we're called Corrigan Moving Systems. We provide many additional solutions compared with your average mover. From server technology relocation to all commercial services, our team is capable of doing it all! If you are looking to make any relocation more seamless, just reach out.

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